About Us

PLAY AROUND SOUND is a unique, stimulating play environment, where children are encouraged to become actively involved in making music spontaneously both individually and together as a group.

“A Latin transcription of the word “person” is “being of sound”.
As human beings we communicate with each other and with the greater universe through sound vibration. It is thus, the essence of our collective being. All sounds reverberate with meaning. Every sound vibration has an effect, and every sound connected with every word we speak, in every syllable, is connected to its eternal meaning, its eternal reverberation.”

Saul Williams

poet, performer and pioneer.


Cherub Sanson
Music Therapist

Music is a powerful tool for expression.

25 august

Play around sound has really ignited Mia's imagination. Everything she does has become an adventure.

Janice, Mia's Mother

“when we played the tribal drum it felt like the heartbeat of the jungle”

− Diago, age 7