Sing, shout, stomp your feet, bark, hisssss, cackle, tweet,
Bang a drum, whistle, hum, shake a rattle, wiggle, giggle,
Play around with space and sound, don’t hold back,
and don’t debate it,
if you can imagine it, you can create it,
there’s a voice inside, feel free to use it,
if you make sound, sound makes music…

….as the composer Edgard Varese defined it, “music is organized sound”

MUSIC MAKING IS AN ADVENTURE! It can never be experienced in the same way twice. It is exciting and unpredictable, a universal language! It connects with our mind, body and soul.
And play, just simply play is widely considered as a huge contribution to the social and emotional development of children.

Together we blur the boundaries of what most people think music is..
We will gas up our rainbow rocket and fly farrrr beyond the use of conventional music making. On our adventure, anything you can imagine can become an instrument to create a one-world orchestra – just from making noise, letting go and having fun!

Play around sound ignites spontaneity, strengthens the imagination, making learning fun, and installs a greater appreciation of the magical powers of sound in our daily lives.

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