Birthday parties


It’s that marvelous, magical time again
so let’s go candy floss cloud flying high
up to floating crystal castles in the sky
to celebrate birthdays and weddings too,
the type of adventure…well that’s up to you!

Choose you’re very own Play around sound birthday party – anything from superhero’s, witches and wizards, dragons and dinosaurs…or anything else you can conjure up from the depths of your imagination!

Play around sound parties include:

  • Themed fancy dress for all (even mums and dads if they want to play)
  • An adventure through the imagination involving games, yoga and relaxation
  • A chance to play a selection of instruments together, and fuse it all to make our very own music poetry.
  • Ending with a performance for the grown ups at the end if the kids are feeling expressive..

Please contact us for further information, quotes, aaaaand let the
adventure begin…..